House of Polyester Worship Bulletin Board

May 31, 2006, 00:15 ZULU (the official time of Polyester World Headquarters)
Hallelujah Friends! The Anointed One can now be heard over America’s air waves via streaming audio.
Beginning Friday, May 26. Rev. Billy’s Rhythm Revival will be on the air from 10-12 p.m. every Friday night.
Blues, R&B, Gospel, Hillbilly, social commentary and musical finds from the outer reaches of reality
will all be featured during the show.
The Rev. promises to make it “Two Hours of Uplifting Anarchy.”
Tune in at WFIT.ORG, and BE HEALED!!!
(If you are on the east coast of Central Florida, you may be able to pick it up on 89.5 FM)

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